What Is The Process Of Installing The Solar Road Light?

- Aug 28, 2017-

1, according to the actual lighting needs of the work site, solar street lamp manufacturers determine the location and mode of installation of lamps and ballasts, and then according to the distance from the luminaire to the ballast contact and the ballast to the 220V power contact to prepare the corresponding length of the three-core cable line (distance of less than 2 meters can be equipped with the lamp cable).

2, when the lamp to the ballast contact distance of more than 2 meters, the need to replace the three-core cable line. That is, to use the hexagon wrench to rotate the lamp housing six six-angle bolts, the light body part of the pull-out, remove the lamp from the three-core cable, and then according to the original wiring mode to connect the three-core cable line.

3. Unscrew the fastening bolts on the ballast box lid with a sleeve wrench, and the solar panel price takes off the lid of the box, the three-core cable end of the luminaire is imported into the ballast chamber through the introduction device of the ballast outlet, the red line, the black line (or the blue wire) and the yellow-green wire are respectively connected to the 4, 5 and 6th terminals of the ballast, then the clamping nut is tightened.

4, will be prepared three-core power cable at one end through the ballast input port of the introduction device, the introduction of the ballast cavity, and then L Line (FireWire), n Line (midline), ground to the ballast 1, 2, 3rd, respectively, the terminal terminals, and tighten the pressure nut.

5, close the ballast box lid and tighten the bolt tightly, solar panel price finally put the three-core cable at the other end of the explosion-proof requirements to connect 220V power supply.

6, replace the light bulb, first cut off the power, check the chain is hung, and then use the hexagon wrench to turn the lamp shell six of the hexagon bolts, carefully to the light body part downward pull, so that the lamp body and the lamp shell separation, rotating the old light bulb to replace the new light bulb.

The above is the introduction of the process of installing solar road lights, Solar street lighting system is an independent decentralized power supply system, not subject to geographical restrictions, not affected by the location of electricity installation, also do not need to dig the road to do wiring buried pipe construction, on-site construction and installation are very convenient, do not need to power transmission system, do not consume electricity, both environmental protection and energy-saving, comprehensive economic benefits, especially for the road has been built to add solar street light is very convenient.