The Misunderstanding Of Solar Street Lamp Installation (A)

- Aug 28, 2017-

1, the installation of the place too much shelter, resulting in solar panel charging efficiency decline.

For example, the leaves, buildings and other shelter shielding light, affecting the absorption and use of energy.

2, the solar panel next to make reference to the light source, resulting in solar panel charging voltage on the light control voltage point, can not light.

For example, there are other streetlights near the Solar street, night falls, next to the street lights, led to the Solar Street controller detects that the light source is mistaken for daylight, when the controller will not let its light.

3, solar panels installed in the wire, branches, light poles or other shelter below, resulting in the day on the solar panel will leave a shadow.

Because the solar panels are usually a bunch of chips, if there is a shadow on a solar panel on a piece of battery, and the shadow is darker and more severe, the string is equivalent to a circuit breaker, and if the solar panel were to be strung together, the solar panel would not generate electricity.

4, double side mounted lights, solar panels opposite tilt.

For the sake of beauty, the installer may tilt the solar panel to the symmetrical installation face-to-face, but if the side is right, the other side is definitely wrong. On the wrong side, the efficiency of the charge will be reduced because there is no way to direct the light to the solar panel.