The Light Of The Image Instrument Is Flickering What's Going On

- Aug 28, 2017-

The image instrument has light and bottom lamp, light is composed of dozens of LED small lamps, the bottom lamp is a vertical upward led bulb. If the imaging instrument appears on the lights or lights flickering, flashing non-stop phenomenon is generally resistance control instability, output voltage instability caused.

Different types of imager may have different causes for manual machines:

The first possibility is that the rotation control button of the light fails, the solution is to replace the rotary button.

Second, it is possible to control the resistance change of the potentiometer is broken, the solution is to replace the new potentiometer, manual machine potentiometer is located behind the Knob button panel.

Automatic machine If the problem of lighting flickering can be determined that the potentiometer is damaged, the solution is to replace the new potentiometer, automatic machine because the lighting is software control, there is no manual adjustment knob, so the potentiometer is located in the machine directly under the table.

If you buy the image of a similar situation can be a preliminary judgment of the cause of the problem, and then contact the factory replacement accessories, must not be free to disassemble the machine.