Safety Problems In The Production Process Of The Extruder

- Aug 28, 2017-

1 Machine station all ground no loose and fall off, in case of leakage accident.

2 temperature does not reach the Set value (normal boot temperature) is not allowed to start the host, downtime of more than one hours should be replaced filter.

3 adjustable mode wrench can not touch the heating chip on the wiring column, in case the circuit short-circuit burnout machine.

4 Working hours shall not be bare, barefoot or slippers.

5 The floor is kept clean and dry to prevent slipping.

6 Add day that water or ink to slowly add, gently stir, in case the day that water flying into the eyes and burn eyes.

No tools, cups, sundries and other things can be placed in the 7 control box.

8 protective equipment such as machine shields shall not be missing or damaged.

In actual production operations, there are certain other problems that can be made when you are betting on a run-time operation. Therefore, we are more in the production of observation and summary, grasp the main problem and substance, will be solved, the quality of the cable to do a better job.