Problems Needing Attention In The Operation Of The Extruder

- Aug 28, 2017-

1 according to the process card requirements to receive the conductor (cored wire) PVC rubber, and its self-test, so that every head must number, every root must card, to ensure that the process card and other related requirements.

2 in accordance with the process card and production orders and related process documents, the axis conductor (cored wire) into the rack, and adjust the tension, so that it pays to meet the relevant requirements.

PVC material into the hopper, and to preheat heating, exhaust suction, the specific heating temperature is Pvc50-70℃, PE for 60-80 ℃.

3 will meet the requirements of the process card printing wheel, spray ring ink and color ring wheel according to the provisions installed.

4 Put the wire drawing rope into the storage rack and wrap it around, and open the top of the spark machine to prepare the receiving line.

5 Clean the inside of the nose, add to the network, close the nose flange piece, and will conform to the mold fixture configuration requirements or other can be referred to the requirements of the model, will choose the mold fixture into the head (specific requirements according to the operation of the mold to implement) to ensure that the head does not leak glue.

6 Mode modulation

6.1 Adjustment of the naked eye (coarse tone): With the eyes to see the internal and external mold concentric situation to adjust the mold.

6.2 Fine Adjustment Mode: Open the extruder to make it out of the glue, according to the direction of the flow of rubber mold adjustment.

6.3 Fine-Tuning mold: test-discharge line to mark the production of modulation, according to the insulation and conductor of different heart conditions to adjust the mold.

6.4 Adhesive pay efforts, such as packaging too tight or too loose, must be the distance between the internal and external mold to adjust properly.

7 test-Release line, on-line axis (splint, shaft) before, cut a section for the first volume inspection, qualified after the normal release stage. Normal discharge line must always note: printing

Wheel, spray ring machine, spark machine, discharge spool, hopper, insulation concentricity, storage line, and other equipment operation is normal, wire appearance outside diameter to reach the relevant process and other

Requirements。 Wire extrusion must be fully cold, but not scratch the surface of the line, flattening and other undesirable phenomena. Must pass through the spark machine inspection, must according to the craft stipulation

Set the voltage level, the breakdown of the wire, must be pulled out in time or marked.

8 The winding line, the axis must be required to select the splint and shaft core, and with the polyester belt for packaging. The change of the volume should be tested eccentricity, appearance, printing, spray ring, outside diameter, etc.

Whether there is a quality hazard.

8.1 rewinding line: Each tie line according to the standard length set meter digital device, there are special words should be marked on the label.

8.2 Tie line tightness should be appropriate, not too loose or too tight, and with the excellent packaging complete, and attached to the operator, operator seal and production date of the label.

8.2.1 packaged wires are neatly placed on the pallet or packaged in boxes.

8.2.2 axis of the line below the axis attached to the label with a good strap wrap.