Nepal's Largest Wind Power Solar Hybrid Power Generation Project Is Officially Operational

- Dec 22, 2017-

Recently, with the aid of the Asian Development Bank, Nepal's largest wind-solar hybrid power generation system was officially opened in Hari Pughdadi Village.

The head of ADB Nepal stated that "clean, reliable and affordable energy will help the village connect the world via the Internet and mobile phones and will create opportunities to boost local revenues. The power of the microgrid will also be open to commercial activities in the village Get rich and help small businesses get out of trouble. "

Solar Cell.jpg

Currently, the project includes a 20kW wind turbine and a photovoltaic panel of 15kW peak to provide electricity for 83 households. The system generates 110 kWh of electricity per day and easily meets 87 kWh of electricity per day.

The AEPC Executive Director disclosed that "six years ago, the Nepalese government, with the support of ADB, developed the first mini-solar wind energy system in Dhaubadi, western Nepal. The success of these projects shows that clean energy is indeed achieved through the wind-solar hybrid system A viable option for providing reliable energy access in rural Nepal. "

It is understood that the project's total development cost of 16,200,000 US dollars. In addition to AIIB investments, the Nepali government, the Climate Investment Fund and local communities also provide some funding.