How To Judge The Quality Of LED Street Lamp

- Aug 28, 2017-

LED lamps can be classified as two types, both civil and engineering, civil mainly to bulb lamps and ceiling lamp, project to street lamp tunnel mainly, whether civil or engineering use, are facing a problem, that is, quality problems.

LED lighting is indeed a very efficient energy-saving products, but because of the huge demand, resulting in a lot of black-hearted manufacturers in troubled waters, and constantly will inferior to the market, a time led market was stirred chaos, price drop again, quality of a A. It is particularly important to have a real quality identification ability at this time, although less money can not buy good products, but if you do not know how to spend more money may not be able to buy qualified products.

LED lamp bead is a relatively high technical content of products, involved in the technical parameters are very many and relatively complex, for outsiders is difficult to understand, since it is so that we may say that the popular point simple point, as far as possible to let everyone can read.

LED lamp beads are mainly composed of two parts, respectively, Chip and package. Bought led street friends should be clear, when you and the street lamp manufacturers say you want to buy LED street lamps, manufacturers will ask you what kind of quality, is it better, or to the relatively nearly crystal yuan? To the layman, hearing this question must have been a matter of course, but it is not difficult to answer from the surface, but the words are said, the truth also who understand, how to distinguish which is good or bad into a big problem, the two kinds of chip completely different LED lamps put together, not to mention the buyers, even if the street lamp manufacturers look at them is difficult to distinguish.

For example, the LED chip is like a car engine, packaging represents the car's shell, different engines can be fitted to the same shape of the shell, the same package appearance can also contain different brands of chips, and the chip is like a car engine is hidden inside, if not to boot the lid you can not see. Although the quality of the lamp bead chip from the surface can not be recognized is good or bad, but this is not to say that we have no way, the simple method is still there.

If you are a person who does not know anything about LED lamps, when buying a lamp do not have to worry about being cheated, since the inner can't see we can look outside, can let the merchant provide the same shape, the same power, different chip of several LED lamps, in the night of these types of lamps lit up after the light to different points of view, high-quality chips and poor quality chips in the luminous efficiency of the different, in the night to compare the nature of the eclipse, better than the poor bright much, At this time we do not need to study what chip packaging, the brightest that must be the best.