Eight Facts Both Chinese And US Citizens Should Know About Trade War

- Mar 28, 2018-

The trade war between China and the US has been a hot topic in recent days, and stock markets of many countries even crashed because of the dispute.

However, what’s behind the trade war? How will China respond? Here are eight facts that both Chinese and Americans should know.

1. The trade war was started by the US.

2. China has confidence and is fully prepared.

3. What’s behind the trade war is a fear the US has regarding the rise of China.

4. To urge its allies to escalate pressure on China is merely a case of wishful thinking on the US side.

5. The trade war is not only unfairly aimed at China, it also violates global trade rules.

6. The trade war will only hurt others without necessarily benefiting the US itself.

7. Starting the trade war, the US goes against the whole world.

8. The victory belongs to China.

*The above news content comes from People daily online.