Do You Know How To Use The Extruder?

- Aug 28, 2017-

The wire extruder mainly consists of the following parts:

Wire discharge device, traction (tensioning wheel), pre-heating, host, first sink, printing machine, cold small groove, traction, wire-receiving machine

1. The part of the line: from the wire rack, lifting device, tension adjustment device, tug and other components.

2. The main part: by the master motor, gearbox, oil pump, fuselage, control Panel, console composition.

3. Cooling part: From the sink, tug up and down water pipe composition.

4. Part of the line: from the receiving line rack, lifting device, traction device, meter, blow test machine and so on.

5. Other: Has the vacuum pump automatic feeding installment and so on composition.

After knowing the main composition of the extruder, we have to learn how to operate the parts to extrude the good wire.

1, the preparatory work before the start of the machine must be done.

1.1, check whether all the rotating parts of the equipment are working properly. Check the extruder, injection machine, printing machine, spray ring machine, outside diameter measuring instrument, spark machine, hydro-gas and control

Whether the switch is in a normal state.

A, the release of The Wire rack (automatic release rack) of the brake is effective, to the line to increase the force is uniform.

B, the main engine, the injection machine and each section cooling heating is normal.

C, printing machine guide wheel, rotation axis is flexible.

D, the water inlet and drainage of the sink is unobstructed.

E, whether the wire wheel is flexible or not.

F, whether the spark machine is normal.

G, the temperature of each section of the host is up to set value.

1.2 Turn on the heater switch, heating the head and barrel.

1.3 According to the requirements of production orders to receive process cards, printing wheel, mold fixture, raw materials, labels, and ready to operate the tools used.

1.4 In accordance with production orders, process cards, the adhesive has to pay the required products, and ready to use the powder machine and preheater and other equipment.