Wire drawing equipment

- Dec 25, 2017-

1. Classification of drawing machine

According to mould quantity: single die drawing machine and multi-die drawing machine.

According to work characteristics: sliding type drawing machine and non-slip drawing machine.

According to the shape of drum wheel: tower drum drawing machine, cone drum drawing machine and cylinder drum drawing machine.

According to lubrication type: jet type wire drawing machine and immersion type drawing machine.

According to drawing line diameter: large, large, medium, small, fine, micro - drawing machine.

2. Characteristics of multi-die drawing machine

The multi-mode wire drawing machine is the wire drawing machine which gradually reduces the size of the mold and the drawing drum.

(1) sliding type continuous drawing machine

Sliding type continuous wire drawing machine is the circle speed of drawing drum, which is faster than the wire drawing, and the friction force is generated.

Its advantages are high total extension coefficient, large processing rate, high tensile speed, large yield, easy to realize automation, mechanization.

Its disadvantage is that in the process of drawing, to overcome the friction force generated by the wire, it consumes a lot of work. The abrasion of the drum surface is very large; Strict requirements on the matching mode.

A. Cylindrical drum machine

This kind of wire drawing machine is characteristic of each wire drawing machine are equal in the diameter of the drum, and arranged in a straight line, the main forms of drag for a motor driving drum at all levels, it has the advantage of wear mode is convenient, can measure all the way after parking time of wire diameter, in order to control tensile process. Its disadvantage is that the fuselage is longer, and the number of mold is generally not more than 9.

B. Horizontal tower drum drawing machine

This kind of wire drawing machine is the most widely used, tower drum structure, according to its tower level, can be two - level drawing drum and multi-stage drawing drum. It has the advantage of a lot of silk road, compact equipment, small footprint

(2) no sliding type continuous drawing machine

The sliding type wire drawing machine is no relative sliding between wire and drum, wire winding on the drawing drum after stretching, so in the middle of the drum has a dual role, namely tensile drum role, and plays a store line pay-off role for next mold drawing. More are 8, 10 die drawing machine.

Its advantages are: drum and wire surface is not easy to wear; Suitable for tensile strength of aluminum (aluminum alloy) wire; Simple and easy to manufacture; Because there is storage on the middle drum, other drum wheels can work as usual in a short time when a drum stop turns.

Its drawback is: cannot stretch at high speed, generally not more than 12m/s; It is not suitable for thin line drawing.

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