Wire and Cable

- Oct 24, 2017-

In 1831, the British rational man Faraday discovered the "electromagnetic induction law", for the development of wire and cable lay the foundation of the foundation, in 1879, the United States Edison created a light, light wiring and thus have a vast prospect, 1881 , The United States of Ge Er Tuen, created a "communication generator." With these directly spread to the human occupation, the creation of livelihood show, wire and cable progress is also super speed. In 1830, Faraday made a reel (enameled wire). In 1889, the United States of America Flemish created an oil-immersed paper insulated power cable, which is used in front of its type of high-voltage power cable. The progress of wire and cable, mainly affecting the progress of insulation materials and conductors. Insulation material from the most primitive bare wire enameled wire rubber line plastic line fusion data line, to the front of the various types of cable. Conductor also have platinum copper aluminum cable and so on.

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