Types of optical Cables

- Aug 28, 2017-

According to different methods, there are different kinds of optical cables. The optical fiber cable is a structure that is made up of multiple fibers or fiber bundles in accordance with the optics, mechanical and environmental characteristics.

1, by transmission performance, distance and use classification. Can be divided into long-distance cable, local cable, submarine cable and user cable.

2, according to the type of fiber classification. Can be divided into multimode fiber optic cable, Single-mode cable.

3, according to the fiber-optic plastic method classification. Can be divided into tight sets of optical cables, loose sets of optical cables, beam-tube optical cable and ribbon-core unit cable.

4, according to the number of fiber core classification. Can be divided into single core optical cable, dual-core optical cable, four-core optical cable, six-core optical cable, eight-core optical cable, 12-core optical cable and 24-core optical cable.

5, according to the reinforcement of the configuration method classification

Fiber optic cable can be divided into central reinforced component cable (such as laminated cable, skeleton fiber optic cable, etc., decentralized reinforced components (such as cable and flat cable on both sides of the beam), reinforced component cable (such as steel wire armored cable) and PE outer layer plus a certain number of fine steel wire PE fine steel wire composite outer layer cable.

6. Classification by laying mode. Fiber optic cable can be divided into pipe and cable, straight-buried optical cable, aerial cable and underwater cable.

7, according to the nature of the protective layer material classification. Fiber optic cable can be divided into polyethylene sheath General optical cable, PVC sheath flame-retardant cable and nylon ant-proof mouse cable.

8, according to transmission conductor, media status classification. Optical fiber cables can be divided into metal-free optical cables, general optical cables and integrated optical cables.

9. Classification by structure

The optical fiber cable can be divided into flat structure cable, laminated cable, skeleton structure cable, armored structure cable (including single, double armored) and high-density user cable.

10, commonly used communication optical cable according to the use of the environment can be divided into

(1) The outer optical cable of the room (wild)--used for outdoor direct buried, pipeline, channel, tunnel, aerial and underwater laying cable.

(2) Soft cable--a movable optical cable with excellent flex performance.

(3) Room (bureau) within the fiber optic cable-suitable for indoor cloth put on the optical cable.

(4) The optical cable in the equipment--the optical cable used in the equipment.

(5) Submarine optical cable-used for cable laying across the ocean.

(6) Special optical cable--except for the above categories, for special purposes