The question and answer of image malfunction in image measuring instrument

- Aug 28, 2017-

1, image measuring instrument software Image window is too small, can increase

A: Can be applied to the monitor, but can not change the range of image, and the image range and the magnification of the lens is related. Under the same lens condition, it is affected by the size of CCD chip.

2, the image measuring instrument area is too small, there is no practical significance, to shoot the whole workpiece

A: Overlapping technology, each photo occupies a large computer memory, processing speed will slow down, the main purpose of the photo is to reflect the workpiece's local characteristics, or can be appropriate to change the scene range of the lens to increase the shooting area. At present, the image magnification of the lens is 28 times times 180 times times, and the image area indicates that the object size is 9mmx7mm and 1. 4mmx1. Between 1mm.

3. What are the differences between optical amplification and image magnification?

A: Optical amplification refers to the magnification of an object by a CCD through the eyepiece. Image amplification refers to the actual magnification of images and objects. The difference is that the amplification is different, the former is achieved by the structure of optical lens amplification, not distortion. The latter is through the CCD processor, the image of each pixel area to increase, so as to enlarge the purpose, only belongs to the Image amplification processing category.

4. Why the image window is opposite to the worktable motion

A: The CCD can be fitted against 180 degrees.

5, automatically catch (measure) the circle, why the display is an ellipse or two straight lines

A: Possible causes are as follows: X, y-axis optical ruler reading and reading direction may be wrong compensation file may have problems reading cards may not be normal linear correction error.

6, Geometry and Image window why is the opposite

Answer: The reason may be: The reading card parameter is incorrectly set, check whether the reading of the axis is consistent with the direction of movement, if the opposite, adjust the corresponding parameters.

7, why the image window is a blue screen

A: The reason may be: The image line may not be plugged into the CCD may not power supply control box may not be turned on.