Power cable, why can't aluminum alloy cable? IV

- Dec 08, 2017-

7. The quality control of domestic aluminum alloy is inconsistent (alloy component), which results in poor creep performance


After Canada POWERTECH test, domestic aluminum alloy composition control is not stable, aluminum alloy cable Si content is less than 5% of North America, the domestic aluminum alloy Si content is 68%, and Si is the important element influencing creep properties. That is to say, the domestic aluminum alloy cable is not mature in the resistance to creep.


8. The process of aluminum alloy cable joint is complex and easy to be hidden

The process of aluminum alloy cable joint has three more processes than that of copper cable. The effective removal of oxide layer and the coating of antioxidant are key, the domestic construction level, the quality requirements are uneven, and the hidden dangers. And because there is no strict legal liability compensation system in the country, the ultimate loss of the consequences of the practice is still the users themselves.


In addition to the above factors, the amount of aluminum alloy cable and intercepting no unified standard, joint terminal does not pass, the capacitive current increases and the distance between aluminum alloy cable laying for cross section increase narrowing or not enough to support, increase result in construction difficulties, in cable trench # space cable whether supporting and maintenance and risk cost rise sharply, the whole life cycle cost rise, such as top designers to follow a series of major problems, such as improper handling or were deliberately ignore any one of them is enough to let users suffered heavy, unable to make up the loss and accidents.