Power cable, why can't aluminum alloy cable? III

- Dec 07, 2017-

5. Aluminum alloy cables are improved in stress relaxation and creep resistance but far less than copper


Adding a certain element to the aluminum can improve the creep performance of the aluminum, but its improvement is also very limited compared with that of the aluminum, and there is a huge gap between the copper and the copper. And aluminum alloy cable really can improve the creep resistance, and each enterprise is closely related to the level of technology, technology, quality control, this uncertainty is risk factors, if there is no mature and strict process control, aluminum alloy cable creep performance is no guarantee that the improvement.


6. Aluminum alloy cables do not solve the problem of connection reliability of aluminum


There are five factors affecting the connection reliability of aluminum, and aluminum alloys only improve on one problem, and there is no solution to the problem of aluminum connection.

Aluminum in the connection problem on five problems, only 8000 series aluminum alloy has improved in creep and stress relaxation, there were no other improvements, so connection issue will is still a major problem that influences the quality of aluminum alloy. Aluminium alloy is also a kind of aluminum and is not a new material. If the basic performance of aluminum is not solved with the copper gap, aluminum alloy can not replace copper.