Points for attention in optical fiber coloring and rewinding machine

- Aug 28, 2017-

As the first processing program in the optical fiber optic cable equipment, the development and development of the optical fibre coloring and rewinding machine becomes more and more important. At present, our technical staff in the development of optical fiber color rewinding machine mainly from the following aspects to improve:

1, the mode of the discharge line is changed into the movable fiber-optic discharge frame, which reduces the jitter of the discharge line.

2, in order to improve the speed of fiber coloring machine, using a UV curing furnace.

3, before the optical fiber enters the coating system and before the optical fiber receiving and discharging line device, the addition of electrostatic device is added.

4. The electronic control of the optical fiber shader is replaced by the Man-machine interface product, which improves the automatic control of the machine.

Compared with the previous generation of coloring machines, a new type of optical fiber color rewinding machine has taken a lot of ideas in process and automatic control. For the production process of the light-cured lamp, the control of the constant tension, the control of the precision of the line, and the use of electrostatic, all ensure that the color of the optical fiber additional loss is not exceeded.