Matters needing attention in the production process of medium wire drawing machine

- Sep 01, 2020-

Frequent breakage occurs in wire drawing production. 

This situation is mainly caused by the following factors:

  1. Drawing die in the uninterrupted production due to normal wear and tear will make the drawing die sizing area become larger.

  2. Due to the quality problems of various rods. In the process of production, the rod material has irregular quality defects, which makes the single wire broken by various unpredictable tension in the drawing deformation. This is rarely the case when the rod is in good condition.

  3. As the annealing current is not constant in production, the current is suddenly too high, and the single wire is broken or fuses by sudden strong current in the annealing process.

    Solution: Before production, sufficient self-inspection should be made on the copper rod to be produced, timely detection of quality defects of the copper rod, timely find corresponding countermeasures according to different situations, or reduce the drawing speed, or eliminate the defective section. During the production, we should constantly observe whether the annealing current of wire drawing is normal or not, especially at the beginning, we should pay special attention to the change of annealing current, and adjust the annealing current according to the change of wire speed, so that the annealing current will increase slowly with the increase of wire speed to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.