Matters needing attention in the production process of medium wire drawing machine

- Aug 28, 2020-

Due to the uninterrupted production of copper wire drawing equipment, the wire drawing speed will gradually not synchronize with the annealing, which will cause intermittent and irregular changes in the wire diameter due to the fast and slow drawing speed during drawing. The reasons for this phenomenon are as follows:

1. The tension on the storage reel is unstable. There may be many places where the air pressure is used in the production workshop, which will cause the air pressure of the drawing machine air pump to be large and sometimes small, which makes the tension of the thread storage device not constant, and because the speed of the take-up is constant, this makes The pulling force on the wire drawing is also not a constant value, which can cause the deviation of the single wire outer diameter to be unable to be accurately controlled.

2. The flutter of the copper wire on the annealing wheel.
This makes the copper wire annealed in the state of being loose and sometimes tight. The current density of the annealing is sometimes large and sometimes small, and the strength of the copper wire at a higher speed is relatively low, so it is easy to cause the copper wire to ignite on the annealing wheel , Make the surface of the copper wire uneven due to sparks.

3. Wear caused by long-term use of the main motor gearbox. This can make the drawing speed of the fixed-speed wheel do not match the traction speed and the take-up speed, resulting in the thinning of the monofilament.Solution: Provide good lubrication to the wire accumulator to prevent it from causing reverse friction to the wire during high-speed operation and thus make the wire thin; adjust the tension of the wire so that the wire drawing stroke is always close to the annealing wheel; Ensure the integrity of the annealing wheel steel ring, and avoid unstable annealing current due to surface defects of the steel ring.

According to the actual situation of the wire drawing machine, adjust the die of the wire drawing machine: adjust according to the wire drawing principle, so that the annealing wheel speed / fixed speed wheel speed = front slip coefficient × fixed speed wheel diameter / annealing wheel diameter, of which the fixed speed wheel and the annealing wheel The diameter of the wire drawing machine is known, and the rotation speed of the fixed speed wheel and the annealing wheel can also be measured.

From this, the front slip coefficient can be obtained. From the slip coefficient, the wire drawing machine can be re-matched, so that the matched mold can meet the requirements