Matters needing attention in cleaning image measuring instrument

- Aug 28, 2017-

We know that the image measuring instrument is a high-precision measuring instrument, for high-precision measuring instruments, precision is its soul, it is the value of its location. Therefore, how to maintain the measuring accuracy of the image measuring instrument is an important course for the users of the image measuring instrument.

To ensure the measurement accuracy of the image measuring instrument, it is inseparable from the cleaning and maintenance of the equipment, which plays a very important role in ensuring the accuracy of the image instrument. In the cleaning of the image measuring instrument, the use of brine for cleaning is one of the methods, below, we introduce the brine cleaning image measuring instrument attention.

1, the use of brine cleaning image measuring instrument, it is recommended to use a dedicated scarf swab sampling, ordinary scarf containing soluble substances, will result in a large measurement results.

2, the conductivity of the electrode before the use of distilled water or to soak up the ions to remove the surface of the electrode dirt. After using distilled water to clean, after the collection. Keep the conductance electrode clean.

3. Do not lose water when using brine to wipe the insulator surface of the image measuring instrument, otherwise it will cause the measurement result to be small.

Image measuring instrument is commonly used in enterprise production of testing instruments, to its good maintenance and cleaning, from another point of view, is also a guarantee of the economic benefits of enterprises, because of some, we should regularly maintain and clean the image measuring instrument.