Lubrication of wire drawing

- Dec 26, 2017-

The role of lubricants

(1) lubrication. Between the deformation of metal and die empty, keep a layer of lubrication film, avoid direct contact between mold and wire bonding, reduce the friction coefficient, thus reducing the energy consumption and the processing time, extend the service life of mould.

(2) cooling effect. Using the cooling lubricant can reduce the temperature of wire and die hole, prevent the temperature of wire material from being too high and oxidize and change, and improve the line speed.

(3) cleaning. In the process of drawing, the fine metal dust is continuously produced, and the lubrication liquid is continuously developed to eliminate the effect of metal dust in the die hole.

2. The influence factors of lubricant on drawing

(1) concentration. The high concentration of lubricant enhances its lubrication, and the friction coefficient of metal wire and die wall is small, and the corresponding friction force decreases, and the tensile force decreases accordingly. However, the concentration is too large, the viscosity of lubricants also increases, its flushing effect is also reduced, the metal chip of the die hole is not easy to take away, causing the surface quality of the wire material is poor. The concentration is too large, the metal chip will not settle, suspended in lubricant, but affect the lubrication effect.

(2) temperature. Lubricant temperature is exorbitant, lost its cooling effect, make the metal wire and mould temperature, discoloration, die life, reduce wire oxidation, also affect the strength of the grease lubrication film, lubrication effect. The temperature is too high, the lubricant viscosity rises, it is not good to stretch.

(3) cleanliness. The lubricant is mixed with acids, which can cause the lubricant to stratify and lose the lubrication effect. The amount of alkali in lubricant increases, which is harmful to the corrosion of metal wire after stretching. There are solid impurities in the lubricant, which affect the lubrication system of the equipment, resulting in insufficient lubrication supply and reducing the role of lubricant.

3. Basic requirements for lubricants

(1) good adhesion, the lubricant can be effectively adhered to the surface of drawn wire.

(2) can withstand the high pressure between the wire and the mould, and the thermal stability is good.

(3) there is no corrosion.

(4) the cooling effect is good.

(5) no exciting smell.

(6) easy to remove after pulling.

4. Lubrication of wire drawing

(1) single mould groove is dispersed and lubricated

It is mainly used for a wire drawing machine or non-slip accumulator multi-mode wire drawing machine, which has no limit on the form of lubricant. The cooling effect is made through circulating water in the slot. Because the groove is open type, can observe lubricants situation directly, facilitate adjustment. But it's easy to get dirty.

(2) immersion lubrication

It is suitable for sliding type continuous drawing machine with lube and liquid oil. The lubricant is in the special slot of the wire drawing machine. The drum, line segment and mould are immersed in lubricant. The structure is simple and can guarantee continuous lubrication and cooling of mould, drum and wire.

Its disadvantages are: the metal debris produced during the drawing process is not likely to precipitate, which is constantly brought into the die hole and the drum, affecting the life of the mould and drum, and also affecting the quality of the wire surface. The lubricating groove needs to have a cooling device to prevent the lubricating liquid from overheating.

(3) circulating lubrication system

On the sliding type continuous drawing machine, it is guaranteed that the lubricating liquid has a fixed composition and certain temperature, which can be used in single machine and can be used in a number of drawing machines. Its advantage is that the metal cuttings in the lubricant can be fully precipitated and cleaned regularly to ensure the cleanliness of the lubricant. Its disadvantage is that the lubrication fluid should be analyzed regularly, and the lubricant should be replenished timely.

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