installation, use and maintenance instructions for cable extruder

- Aug 28, 2017-

1, cable extruder installation Instructions

The center height of the other machine is adjusted by the center height of the extruder. After the adjustment, install the anchor screws to adjust the horizontal screw, screw the anchor screws. Then hit the ground floor. Check the equipment without exception, cleaning equipment.

2. Wire and cable to the electrical and mechanical gas cabinets and equipment wiring Instructions

A, please in strict accordance with the electrical cabinets and equipment terminals wiring and connection.

b, electrical cabinets between the wiring has been prepared, electrical cabinets in the equipment between the wiring by the customer-owned.

c, the electrical machinery and equipment shell should be grounded according to GB requirements.

D, control line and power line should pay attention to the distribution line to prevent interference.

E, long-distance transport may cause screw loosening, please check and fastening.

F, all cords should be marked with the terminals.

G, wiring Outdoor after the application of the Multimeter strict inspection, strictly prohibited by any means of electrification to check.

H, cabinet wiring is strictly prohibited from unauthorized alteration.

3, cable extruder maintenance instructions

The cable extruder can work for a long period of time to check whether the screws in the equipment are loose and their operating flexibility.

A, extruder barrel

Before the screw is loaded, the inner surface of the barrel must be blown clean with compressed air, the heavy dirt is scraped with the lever brush, the local damage can be removed by polishing, and the material with a small amount must be removed.

b, heaters and sensors

Heater clamping bolts must be constantly inspected, if there is loosening to be tightened, the temperature sensor seat Konki surface always keep clean, otherwise the regulator on the temperature indication failure.

C, Screw

The screw surface has grooves, material damage and damage caused by foreign bodies, which can be grinded and polished to repair. Each time with the spare parts ejector screw from the gear box tail hardness out of the Mann rod, after removal with a soft tool to remove debris.

D, remove residues from cooling water.

Refueling the gearbox in the Worm gear box on the extruder and the rack, changing the oil once every 800-1000 hours.