How to improve the pass rate of cable fire resistance experiment?

- Mar 28, 2018-

As we all know, fire test is a test for the cable production process results, the same process program, at different times the cable production performance has certain differences, for producing fire-resistant cable if refractory test pass rate of 99%, fire-resistant cable, fire-resistant cable is 1% of the security hidden danger, the danger of this is 100% dangerous for users, to solve these problems, industry experts on how to improve the passing rate of fire-resistant cable fire experiment, from raw material, conductor selection, production process control, etc, to do the description:

  1. With three kinds of mica, synthetic mica, phlogopite, white mica, their performance is a synthetic mica best quality, white mica, worst for small specifications of the cable must be selected synthetic mica tape around the package, can not use the mica tape stratification, long-term storage of mica tape is easy to moisture absorption, when stored mica tape so must consider the surrounding environment of temperature and humidity.

  2. When using mica tape wrapping equipment, the stability performance should be good. The wrapping angle should preferably be 300-400, and the mica tape should be evenly packed around. All guide rollers and rods that touch the equipment must be smooth. Lines are neat and the tension is not too great. The side plates and cylinders of the tooling wheels are flat and smooth.

  3. For circular cores with axial symmetry, the mica tapes are tight in all directions after wrapping. Therefore, for the fire-retardant cable conductor structure, a circular pressing conductor should be adopted.