How to choose a good quality image instrument

- Aug 28, 2017-

about how to buy a good quality imaging instrument is very simple, just follow the following eight words to execute the line: The actual machine, a number of comparisons. The point is that: in the purchase of imaging equipment, do not blindly listen to the introduction, the pursuit of brand, more consulting some businesses, have the best practice with the actual product on-site measurement use again, the advantage of comparison is to be able to buy a most suitable price to one can solve their own needs of the imaging instrument.

Below we from our own professional point of view for everyone to analyze what factors determine the suitability of the imager:

1. How to choose the size of two-dimensional image measuring instrument?

A: You must first understand the size of the workpiece you need to measure. The principle is as follows: Large instruments can measure small products, but small instruments can not measure large size. For example, the product size of 300mm, the instrument must choose the equivalent or more than 300mm specifications. (Note: The travel of the imaging meter is directly related to the sales price).

2. How to determine whether the function of the imaging instrument meets the usage requirements?

A: Evaluate whether an instrument is suitable for the company, mainly according to the size of the measurement, whether the instrument can meet the measurement needs. Also to determine whether the software operation is simple and easy to learn, whether the function is strong, whether human operation.

3. Is it good to buy a hand or an automaton?

Answer: Automatic image measuring instrument is far more efficient than manual instrument, but in the end choose which kind of instrument is good, or according to the needs of each company to decide, if only sampling, suggest the choice of manual equipment, if there is a large quantity of workpiece needs to be measured, the proposed automatic imaging instrument.

4. How to determine the quality of an automatic imaging instrument?

A: A quality clearance, high-efficiency automatic imaging instrument, mainly include: high-precision, high stability, high speed of these three aspects, and indispensable. In the purchase of image measuring instrument in the process, to choose a appropriate two-dimensional, procurement from the above several comprehensive considerations to compare, in order to provide protection for future measurement needs.