Galvanized steel tape precautions

- Sep 29, 2017-

If the surface of the galvanized layer adheres to a layer of condensed water, it becomes a corrosive aqueous solution and is attached to the surface of the galvanized layer after the action of oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen chloride, sulfur dioxide, soot, dust and other chemical gases , To form an electrolyte. This electrolyte and the chemical stability of the zinc layer was electrochemical corrosion, resulting in powder-like corrosion products - white rust

Zinc layer in the indoor corrosion of the main reasons is 

① indoor air humidity is high; 

② finished product is not dry and the library; 

③ zinc layer surface condensation with a layer of water film, when the air moisture content of 60% or 85 ~ 95% , And PH <6, the corrosion reaction is more intense. When the water temperature is as high as 70 ℃, the corrosion rate of zinc layer is the fastest

The control of white rust method 

① zinc plate stacking, the surface can not have condensate;

② warehouse should keep the air circulation, air relative humidity should not be 60% or 85 ~ 95% range; 

③ zinc plate stacking is not Should be harmful gases and excessive dust; 

④ the surface of the galvanized layer of oil, passivation treatment.

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