Fire-resistant cable

- Mar 30, 2018-

At present, the cable industry is accustomed to collectively refer to flame-retardant cables such as flame retardant, low smoke halogen free (LSOH) or low smoke low smoke (Low Smoke Fume-LSF), fire resistance (Fire Resistant) and the like having certain fire resistance properties.

Flame retardant cable

Flame retardant cable is characterized by retarding the spread of flame along the cable so that the fire will not expand. Because of its low cost, it is a large variety of cables used in fire protection cables. Whether it is a single cable or a bundled cable, when the cable is burned, the spread of the flame can be controlled within a certain range. Therefore, it is possible to avoid major disasters caused by the ignition of the cable and increase the fire resistance of the cable line.

Low Smoke Halogen Free Flame Retardant Cable (LSZH)

The characteristics of low-smoke halogen-free cables are not only excellent flame-retardant properties, but also the materials that make up the low-smoke halogen-free cables contain no halogen, have low corrosiveness and toxicity when burned, and generate a very small amount of smoke, thereby reducing the amount of smoke. Damage to instruments and equipment.