Extruder Operational Considerations

- Aug 27, 2020-

  1. Before each operation, the extruder screw must be heated first, preheating and heating shall be carried out according to the thermal melting temperature of the pigment, and a certain heating time shall be maintained to make the plastics used reach the degree of plasticization and the wire products produced reach a certain brightness.

    Avoid low plasticizing temperature, resulting in no finish of wire products, rough surface, plasticizing temperature is too high, resulting in wire products inside the outer protective layer of black coke head, and damage the plastic insulation degree and weather resistance.

    To achieve each plastic to the deep level of plasticization, should be based on the intrinsic quality of plastic, timely adjust the heating temperature, each plastic temperature degree is different, the required heating is also different, should be based on the actual production in time to adjust the situation.

2. By the preheating temperature plasticized plastic can basically reach the production, waiting for the screw  heating at the same time, should prepare the production of wire mold, aluminum wire or copper wire, and raw and auxiliary materials in place.

3. During the preheating and heating period, start the cold water cycle to meet the production requirements and wait for the production of wire products.