Discrimination of aluminum rod

- Dec 28, 2017-

① Tensile strength, elongation, resistivity, chemical composition of the standard or commitment to the indicators.

② aluminum rod should be rounded appearance, there is no flash, Alice skin, Ma Hang, abrasions and other defects. If the appearance of aluminum alloy rod products provided by the supplier is a perfect circle and the surface is smooth, it can only indicate that this rod is a product of extrusion secondary molding. Many cable companies are fooled by the outward appearance of a smooth circular pole, The quality of this pole is definitely good.

The continuous casting and rolling production of aluminum alloy rod commonly used specifications for the 9.5MM diameter, it is three-way rolling, can not be round shape, the rod surface must have a slight rolling marks.

③ high-quality aluminum rod drawing broken rate must ≤ 3 times. If the break rate is greater than 3 times, to analyze the disconnection.

Wire is broken in the box or outside the box, if it is inside the box, look at the first few in the mold, the broken mouth cut off clean, check the status of the broken port, and some contain impurities significantly different from the conductor color caused Broken line, and some pouring too much hydrogen to form a hollow bubble caused by the disconnection. In short, the break rate is too high or simply pulled off and can not be drawn, there are four reasons:

First, the issue of aluminum alloy conductor material, already mentioned above.

Second, the problem of equipment, many companies are using aluminum drawing aluminum drawing machine, the previous popular vertical ten-die drawing machine overall power is generally only 75KW, can not be drawn aluminum alloy wire. Tarren 11 mode or 13 mode drawing machine also depends on the motor power, if the power is 75KW, certainly can not pull the aluminum alloy wire. Our company has encountered at least 6 such incidents.

Third, with the mold problem. Some companies into the line compression ratio did not control well, and some did not grasp the law, once for wire number, you need to adjust the number and location of the mold, it is often mistaken.

Fourth, mold material problems. Draw the aluminum alloy rod mold material and mold import area perspective is stress. If the mold material used improperly, it is likely drawn aluminum alloy wire surface has a lot of burrs, skins and abrasions.

④ high-quality aluminum rod drawn out of the wire must be bright silver, accurate to say that aluminum alloy wire should be very smooth, bright silver, shiny and clear, the effect of pure color than pure aluminum to be much more. Therefore, the light alone with the appearance of aluminum rod can not determine the quality of the drawn wire, the key depends on the actual effect of the surface of the drawn wire.

⑤ aluminum alloy wire surface darker colors, faint or obvious gray spots, indicating that the aluminum rod production process is not controlled impurity removal. Such a silk is likely a good pull, a bad pull, and the resistivity is certainly high.

Anyway, High quality Al. rod must be produced by High Quality CCR line