Basic knowledge of cable and its accessories II

- Dec 06, 2017-

5. What is the middle connection of cable?

The conductor, insulation shielding layer and maintenance layer of the connecting cable and cable to make the cable connection of the equipment, called the cable intermediate joint.

6. What is the electrical main wiring?

The electrical main wiring is the connection method of the primary electrical equipment and bus line in power plant and substation, including the connection method of the main bus and the electrical system of the plant according to certain functions.

7. What rules should be followed when selecting the section of power cable?

The selection of power cables shall follow the following guidelines:

(1) the rated voltage of the cable shall be greater than or equal to the rated voltage of the installation point power supply system;

(2) the continuous permissible current of the cable shall be equal to or greater than the maximum continuous current of the power supply;

(3) the wire core section shall satisfy the need for the stability of the short circuit of the power supply system;

(4) check whether the voltage drop of the cable length is fit for the need;

(5) the minimum short circuit current at the end of the line should enable the maintenance equipment to be reliable.