Basic knowledge of cable and its accessories III

- Dec 07, 2017-

8. What are the advantages of cross-linking polyethylene cable and oil paper cable?

(1) easy equipment, because it allows the minimum bending radius to be small and lightweight;

(2) not bound by the line gap;

(3) good thermal performance, high working temperature and high transmission capacity;

(4) the cable accessories are brief and are dry;

(5) operation maintenance is brief, no oil leakage problem;

(6) lower quotation;

(7) low reliability and low failure rate;

(8) the production process is short, the process is brief, the economic benefit is significant.

9. What need is the clamping of fixed ac single-core cable? Why is that?

Fixture should be no iron constitute a closed magnetic circuit, this is because when the cable core through the current around the lines of magnetic force, magnetic field lines and after wire core of current is proportional to the size, if the use of magnetic material such as iron, on the basis of electromagnetic induction, it will attack eddy current in iron making cable fever, even burning cables. So do not use the iron piece as a single core communication cable fixed fixture.

10. What are the main features and benefits of the attachment of the heat-shrinkable cable head below 10?

Heat shrinkable accessories biggest characteristic is to use stress pipe instead of the traditional stress cone, it not only simplifies the construction technology, but also narrowed the connector terminal standard, equipment bento, save work time saving, superior performance, saving the metal. The heat-shrinkable cable accessories and dry bag are integrated, and the interests of these two attachments are collected!