Application of fiber optic cable in FTTH

- Aug 28, 2017-

According to data in recent years, optical fiber access has become a hotspot in the field of optical communication. The bending and tensile properties of the conventional indoor cable can not meet the demand of FTTH (fiber to household) indoor wiring. According to market demand, the development of "indoor hanging type cabling cable" commonly known as "leather Cable".

FTTH (Fiber to household) is the final form of optical fiber access network development. Optical fiber access Network in the location of optical network units, divided into FTTH (fiber to Home), FTTB (fiber to the building), fiber-to-the (optical fiber to the station) and FTTC (fiber to the roadside) and other conditions. In China, the optical fiber access network mainly uses PON (passive optical network) technology, the optical signal is allocated by the splitter, while providing service for multiple users. In FTTH project, the user's indoor wiring is the most complicated link, and the factors of consideration are more. It is necessary to ensure the safety of the line, but also to take into account the beauty of the interior, at the same time, construction facilities, the traditional single core indoor optical cable can not meet the current FTTH engineering indoor wiring requirements.

FTTH development allows the fiber to get closer to us, the leather cable is the most close to the user in FTTH engineering, stable performance, easy to lay and so on, more and more families into the optical fiber age. In China's upcoming FTTH explosion growth period, as a high-speed information-bearing HIGH-TECH optical fiber media, leather cable has become an irreplaceable key part of our families, and with us into the new era of full fiber access.