Joint Closure

Horizontal type 48 96 fibers optical fiber cable joint closure/outdoor splice enclosure

Product Details

Horizontal type 24- 48- 96-144-288 fibers optical fiber cable joint closure/outdoor splice enclosure


Fiber optical cable joint closure is the equipment used to offer room for fusion splicing optical fibers. It also provides protection for fused fiber joint point and fiber cables. 

There are mainly two types of closures: vertical type and horizontal type. A large variety of fiber splice closures are designed for different applications, such as aerial, duct fiber cables and direct burial. Generally speaking, they are usually used in outdoor environment, even underwater.
The ordinary GJS10 series optical fiber joint closure appy to cable splicing. Direct burial, manhole, hand hole, wall hanging and aerial placing method is adopted. It provide reliable, solid and flexible protection and helpful to environment protection.


Applications optical cable joint closures provide room for splicing Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable together. fiber splice trays are needed too. they provide the perfect protection for outside plant fiber cable joints. fiber splice closures accept both ribbon and round fiber cables. Each type (ribbon or round cable) fits respective requirement of different fiber splicing counts. They are widely used in optic telecommunication systems.

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