Extruding Machine

Extruding Machine

Extruder machine Suitable for PVC, PE etc extruder material, Apply to the power cable, computer line, insulated sheath, building line and other production.

Product Details

Extruder machine Suitable for PVC, PE etc extruder material, Apply to the power cable, computer line, insulated sheath, building line and other production.


Pay off, straight flat table, main machine, electric control system, water channel, store cable channel, track traction, take up parts, by action pay off system, heating system for copper wire, Over powder machine, special LDPE screw, low density screw, high desity screw, x/Ray measure cable machine and PLC control system.

Technical Parameters:

ModelPay off typePay off bobbinScrew diameter(mm)Screw L/D ratioExtrusion output (kg/hr)Main motor powerWire diameter(mm)Cooling DeviceAccumulated cable length(m)Traction powerLine speed(m/min)Take-up typeTake-up bobbinTake-up power
45+35Active single shaft tension pay off PN300-500Φ4525:1BM type5015HPΦ0.6-3.0Folds W type/U type2503HPMAX .500Double shaft bundle/shaft-mountedPN300-5003HP
50+35PN400-500Φ5025:1BM type7015HPΦ0.6-4.0Folds W type/U type2503HPMAX .500Double shaft bundle/shaft-mountedPN400-5004HP
60+35PN500-600Φ6025:1BM type10020HPΦ0.8-8Folds W type/U type2504HPMAX .500Double shaft bundle/shaft-mountedPN500-6004HP
65+35PN400-630Φ6525:1BM type12025HPΦ0.8-10Single layer/double layer/U type2505HPMAX .500Shaft-mounted/BundlePN400-6304HP
70+35PN400-630Φ7025:1BM type13030HPΦ1.5-12Single layer/double layer/U type2505HPMAX .500Shaft-mounted/BundlePN400-6304HP
80+35Double shaft type pay offPN400-630Φ8025:1BM type20040HPΦ2-20Single layer/double layer/U type2507.5HPMAX .500Shaft-mounted/BundlePN400-6305HP
90+35Big shaft type pay offPN400-800Φ9025:1BM type25050HPΦ3-25Single layer/double layer/U type2507.5HPMAX .500Shaft-mounted/BundlePN400-8005HP

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